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Sloppy steering - remanufactured Steering Box, LJ70 RHD??

Rusty Bottoms Jan 11, 2017

  1. Rusty Bottoms

    Rusty Bottoms Member I am in scotland

    Hi all, my 88 LJ70 steering is not nearly as tight as I'd like. The steering rod ends all seem tight, and the times I've had it up in the air all the play seems to be in the box. I've tightened the adjuster screw, but the nut is partially frozen and not getting a true sense of tightness - don't want to over tighten it of course! My Suzuki Jimny also has a steering box, so I'm used to this sort of steering over R&P, but the LJ is a lot sloppier (158k now, so not entirely surprising!)

    Anyway, I've checked prices on a reman box, and it ain't cheap. Anyone know of a good shop that rebuilds units in the UK, or a parts shop that has the best price? I've checked all the usual suspects, Milner, Roughtrax ,etc but thought I'd ask around. I'm not entirely opposed to second-hand if it's in good nick, but imagine it would be in the same boat as the one I have now. Same as hi-lux I guess? Finally, anyone ever rebuilt one them selves? Imagine that's a bridge too far for most DIY'ers, need fine set of calipers etc. probably and rechrome the internal parts...so that's probably a non-starter! Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers
  2. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Are you certain its in the box and not in the steering column?

    My steering column was very worn and I ended having to replace it. Due to the design of them, in order for them to be collapsible, you have a rectangular solid section inside a rectangular box section and over time they wear. :ugeek:
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  3. Rusty Bottoms

    Rusty Bottoms Member I am in scotland

    I will definitely have a look at that. Would love to avoid a steering box R&R right now, struggling to get above freezing outside! Cheers
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