The corona virus thread

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I am in england
Oct 4, 2011
On the bright side we finally got around to having real milk delivered 89p a pint compared to 50p in a plastic bottle but hey its delivered and its 50% more milk less water .
There was an article on home milk deliveries on our local news program a few weeks ago. The men and women who run their own milk rounds (what's left of them) have seen their business boom with some having to turn down extra customers and some taking on extra staff. Don't know how long it will last but I reckon they will almost certainly retain some of the extra business even if the majority go back to bulk buying the cheaper stuff in plastic bottles. The only reason we stopped having ours delivered a few years ago was due to it being nicked off the door step.


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I am in australia
May 13, 2019
Enoggera, Queensland, Australia
In the 90s we used to get milk delivered - I remember as a kid skimming off all the cream from a new bottle into a glass then filling it up with the existing open bottle... never got caught out by my mum!

We also had the issue of it being stolen off the front step - my mum asked for it to be put in a gas meter cupboard. This worked out well. However when we moved out a few years later my mum asked me to read the electricity meter - I then found 2 very old crusty mouldy separated bottles of goop in there that had been there from years ago. I just left them there and read the meter as requested, no idea what happened after that, was too busy loading boxes into our Fiat Panda!
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