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Mar 7, 2017
Apr 6, 2010
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Kettering - UK

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Mar 7, 2017
    1. nathanrobo
      Hi Arfan

      I can help, with regards to the processor, I know a guy that can fabricate the tanks and you could do the rest of the build or he could build the complete thing. He could also build a straining tank and polishing tank, I could help you with the final polishing kit. Where are you based? You'd be welcomed to come across and look what / how I'm doing it.

      Best regards

      Nathan 07702 118910
    2. Arfan Butt
      Arfan Butt
      Hi Nathan

      Been reading your posts religiously for a while now and would appreciate if you could advise me on where to get a processor built or where to purchase one. Would need to process a fair bit as have quite a few juicy cars.

      I am part of a landcruiser enthusiast family who run landcruisers on lpg even though we can't afford to lol!!

      Your help would be greatly appreciated.

      Eagerly awaiting your reply

      Arfan Butt
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    Kettering - UK
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    Previously owner of LC 100 50th Anniversary 4.2 TD 2001, E320 CDI Avantgarde (sports diesel) estate 2004, C320 CDI AMG (sports diesel) T - Model 2009, Fiat 500 1.2 Pop (worst car on the planet), 2 x Fiat 500 classics - restored (1970 / 1971) - Needing to get rid of a few :)