Central Diff Lock LC5 120 2007.

Paul Baker

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I am in uk
May 2, 2018
Just a query from you experts :)

My CDL doesnt work..ie the light comes on and flashs on the dashj, but nothing else happens...the cars has been back to the garage as i still have some warrenty on it :)

Basically they have taken the locker off and it all seams ok , they have power to the CDL relay (located under the dash left hand side)

but still the locker doesnt work...so they are calling in an auto electrician....

Just wondering about what this circuit looks like...what else could there be between the relay and the locker ?

any ideas folks ?:)


Super Moderator
I am in europe
Feb 24, 2010
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Well as a starter I'd say that just because the light is flashing it does not mean that the locker isn't engaged. It might, just might, be working perfectly but you don't know it. The lock sensor is a detent ball in a plug that is pushed by the mechanical action of the locker. They fail with amazing regularity. So that needs to be checked. If all is good in the rest of the system, they do need to physically check that locker is actually bust.
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