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Jun 13, 2020
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hi all,
this is my first post, I've search and can't seem to find what i'm looking for. I have an 2017 79 series planning on getting the egr blanking plate going to do it my self my question is will I have a problem with blocking off the egr with no exhaust gases go through will I have fault code coming on?.

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If you want to blank it fully and its the 1VD V8 diesel engine from the 200 series you will need an electronic device like a Ozbush manual mapper that tells the ECU to keep the EGR valve closed and to delete it from its memory with an on off switch to make it legal , or a remap of the ECU to delete the EGR valve operation (costs more) and the full blanking plate installed will stop the EGR gas from entering the egr cooler and overheating the cooler over time and making it leak allowing coolant to leak into the engine and hydrolocking it because the hot gas can not escape , or you can fit a blanking plate with a hole in the middle with out an electronic device allowing a reduced egr gas through with out getting a fault code ,
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