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I am in uk
Oct 7, 2014
Bognor Regis UK
Striking some chords there with that one Chas!
For almost a year we motorists had to endure multiple sets of lights along the A259 while a cycle path was built at the cost of £2 million. Great! Now the few cyclists on this meandering stretch of road can cycle in safety out of harms way. Brilliant and worth all the delays and queues for a whole year! Wrong! It has increased the cycling traffic and the few that used to cycle on the road…you guessed it, still do. I think it should be illegal to cycle on the road if there’s a dedicated cycle path.
Then in Arundel a couple of Sundays ago I rounded a roundabout into a wide piece of one way street to be greeted by a whole gaggle of Lycra clad cyclists stopped in the road taking up half of it. Seeing me they scattered across my path and towards me…against the one way street!! Lemmings the lot of them!

To be clear here, I’m not anti cyclist, I’m just anti idiot in/on whatever form of transport they choose. I suppose that’s being ‘Idiotist’. I’ll come quietly officer!

Sorry, rant/Threadjack over.


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Feb 2, 2013
South Wales UK
Reminds me of my stepdaughter that fateful day when she was 14 and suddenly hot water didn't come out of the tap on demand . After listening to half hour of screaming , slamming doors and drawers and her generally just causing havoc i said very quietly and reasonably "Char what did people do for hot water before the days of central heating"?

ooh if looks could kill , she stormed of ranting something about the dark ages to phone all her friends and tell them she cant come out because the world was surely about to end .

10 minutes of silence then she came back downstairs meek as a kitten to put the kettle on :laughing-rolling:

I didn't take the piss honest i didn't .......... not much anyway .
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