Landcruiser lj70 [creepycruiser]

Victor Sep 17, 2014

  1. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Well, i've asked y'felas about some stuff, and thought to myself, why dont i do a build topic here too, and show my toyota? :p

    Well, i've had it for a couple of years, now, so will be a long post, hang tight...

    As it stood whe i obught it (minus the winch)
    7480626150_e123ddb301_c.jpg 20120701_180728[1] by Vc1r, on Flickr

    7480629142_ccc76a5bb7_c.jpg 20120701_180704[1] by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Removed some witres from an old alarm system!
    7521492908_73bda9aaa2_c.jpg 20120706_153900[1] by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Booost gauge went in!
    7521495382_16cea9f62d_c.jpg 20120707_185255[1] by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Winch and tow-hooks added.
    7591241834_16a06761d0_c.jpg 20120717_180757[1] by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Strap holders, later scrapped though..
    7591244830_c1082ae456_c.jpg 20120717_180811[1] by Vc1r, on Flickr

    7591251426_6cf3d1f8f4_c.jpg 20120717_180840[1] by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Dented the drivers side fender REALLY good on the first big meet, this is after "repair"
    7637135718_a471d92557_c.jpg 2012-07-24 15.43.54 by Vc1r, on Flickr
    7637133736_70eddf1763_c.jpg 2012-07-24 15.44.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Tight with new rubbers ;)
    8033088907_4d51cb1f82_c.jpg 2012-09-28 12.30.37 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    That feeling =D
    8033088250_3efe1742eb_c.jpg 2012-09-28 10.47.59 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    35" Maxxis Creey Crawlerrs on what i later found out stock height lj70 =P
    8033087360_5ee136e84c_c.jpg 2012-09-28 11.28.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8036096734_c9edbc2c5b_c.jpg 2012-09-29 15.37.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8036091151_e532ca0698_c.jpg 2012-09-29 15.37.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Rebild of front axle...
    8190332145_cc2e3d6d53_c.jpg 2012-11-16 16.12.03 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8194000028_7100a47148_c.jpg 2012-11-17 13.02.44 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Better =D
    8192910291_0751026698_c.jpg 2012-11-17 13.59.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8193996054_a61ef52267_c.jpg 2012-11-17 15.03.43 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    heavy motherBEEEP to lift with everything intact except for wheels...
    8192907047_5d28095c55_c.jpg 2012-11-17 17.18.34 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Had a slight mishap one winter, tried to go under a small motorcycle bridge, and the ice cracked, ended up nearly stuck as winch was broken...
    8258133948_e7cd82f38f_c.jpg 2012-12-09 15.21.10 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8257063485_8c62746ac7_c.jpg 2012-12-09 15.19.18 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fitted 2 small Bosch lights with 55W xenon..
    8297137858_2cc6b562c8_c.jpg 2012-12-21 13.53.18 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Oh lala!
    8297136692_1ea08d4483_c.jpg 2012-12-21 13.59.19 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Winch parts...
    8296085787_3d4d331754_c.jpg 2012-12-22 14.06.24 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Stock vs new exhaust...
    8325248787_324442eaa7_c.jpg 2012-12-29 13.12.18 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Bottleneck... did leave it though...
    8326305470_fe2a3810c4_c.jpg 2012-12-29 13.12.27 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Aint pretty, is tight, but does the job!
    8325244551_7e6e37d57f_c.jpg 2012-12-30 11.20.07 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    3" from turbo..
    8326301202_0b3c5d5836_c.jpg 2012-12-30 11.20.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    That's all there is to it!
    8325241829_f827ef20f8_c.jpg 2012-12-30 15.45.34 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    35"'s doesn't rub! WIN!
    8326298762_3bdd419567_c.jpg 2012-12-30 15.45.45 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fitting of ome +3"
    8350060642_e124bcf15d_c.jpg 2013-01-05 14.24.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8353006341_5c00208691_c.jpg 2013-01-06 13.53.43-4 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8669316912_201bf7c7f2_c.jpg 2013-04-21 19.22.27 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    It does have supports in the middle, just not in this picture ;)
    8669323460_a93ef4f80e_c.jpg 2013-04-21 19.22.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8690104798_3d7486998f_c.jpg 2013-04-28 15.20.18 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Ended up needing to reweld the box profiles previous owner "welded" on instead of uhhh... that below the doors... XD
    8704421608_9e22ac7572_c.jpg 2013-05-02 16.55.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8704421070_7a34906208_c.jpg 2013-05-02 16.54.58 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    8704420462_6475137634_c.jpg 2013-05-02 16.54.45 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Air intake, and some louder horns as old ones were toast..
    8924333015_327a86991e_c.jpg Untitled by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Had a real bugger thinking of a "suspension" for the exhaust... tried several, ended up with this one, still going strong year and a half later ;)

    8979675576_800781867c_c.jpg 2013-06-07 13.38.53 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    crank case ventilation to intake.. Drilled M12 bolt..
    9239775281_23bbcf339f_c.jpg 2013-07-06 11.37.16 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    To a coke bottle... Later changed for a nice aluminium tank..
    9239768957_c160fcb3a0_c.jpg 2013-07-06 11.37.11 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Decided i was fed up with the old front bumper, sticking out way to much, so did a new one.. here with the frame cut off and winch plate welded to the chassis.. 10mm...
    9359703422_c30974212b_c.jpg 2013-07-22 16.57.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    In hindsight i should've made this hoop a bit higher and angled it out more as it is a squeeze to get the winch in and out now...
    9369557957_eb65b04cbb_c.jpg 2013-07-26 12.03.41 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    finished product, also cut away some metal under the headlight bezels..
    9375155923_9b68f6bf40_c.jpg 2013-07-27 14.18.31 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    But i still manage to get dirt into the bumper sometimes, i think i need the front wheels further forward =D
    9377935394_6c620db409_c.jpg 2013-07-27 14.18.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    New cooler, steering damper
    9504806430_5d98ce0424_c.jpg 2013-08-12 19.16.55 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    EGT sender, redrilled a hole for the heatshield on the downpipe and fitted it there...
    9631466794_32ea73faf7_c.jpg 2013-08-30 15.55.46 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    A small ball bearing ball i lost when rebuilding the steering box... Was so lucky that i found an old one same size in an old box of dads! talk about luck!
    9688869238_4c63828eda_c.jpg 2013-09-06 12.44.20 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Found a pretty much brand new spare tyre..
    10209809834_8bd1ae87ae_c.jpg 2013-10-11 12.59.47 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Started redoing the package space.. removed all asphalt mats and paint...
    10209818904_001f390199_c.jpg 2013-10-11 16.43.07 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Gonna be 2 boxes on each side over the wheel wells like this, opens on top, and then a box in the middle for the spare, so that i get a flat, raised floor...
    10228654615_a46552f9ba_c.jpg 2013-10-12 16.54.08 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Reinforced with lid on...
    10249942684_a254dc4f4c_c.jpg 2013-10-13 16.25.44 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Fucked up and put he hinges on the wrong side...
    10250155823_782e2bd9ee_c.jpg 2013-10-13 16.25.53 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    10330902785_5f12e83926_c.jpg 2013-10-17 16.32.37 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    11581951964_a30634da3b_c.jpg 2013-09-08 13.03.00 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Nice =D Sourced a radio bezel...
    12015349515_e70cbe427c_c.jpg 2014-01-18 14.52.10 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    12700987235_785aecdc0f_c.jpg 2014-02-21 13.53.08 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    12701463994_2e674ed57d_c.jpg 2014-02-21 15.34.30 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Getting there...
    12700961985_6904c65e95_c.jpg 2014-02-21 16.17.51 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    12701101163_1e6053e498_c.jpg 2014-02-22 15.07.22 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    12701094153_4d7d88409f_c.jpg 2014-02-22 15.07.30 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    12700904105_48da2d6c1a_c.jpg 2014-02-22 16.02.31 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    13468597353_9cfd323d07_c.jpg 2014-03-28 16.08.36 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    test of rear locker, no bueno *sad*
    13825715475_b6a465c2d7_c.jpg 2014-04-13 14.22.27 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    35" deep... on one side :p
    13826053324_8b90de6b7b_c.jpg 2014-04-13 14.22.31 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Control box for kompressor, lockers, switch for winch, and battery kill switch...
    14464709565_4897146e5b_c.jpg 2014-06-13 18.01.31 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    front locker going in...
    14278251357_0473082a05_c.jpg 2014-06-19 18.37.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Brake servo decided to crap itself... Full of brake fluid... got a better second hand unit...
    14333056018_caa64e2acb_c.jpg 2014-06-27 15.26.42 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Oops! To strong shampoo!
    14590226918_ab523dc115_c.jpg 2014-07-29 15.44.29 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Just kidding! New paint and stickers added!
    14794478345_6bd79ee320_c.jpg 2014-07-31 16.01.39 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    14791343351_5dc08d811a_c.jpg 2014-07-31 16.01.52 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    14791338271_648b3c4f58_c.jpg 2014-07-31 16.02.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    14607757800_0cb173d1d8_c.jpg 2014-07-31 16.26.44 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    We started building a small trial section...
    14943925871_52e5b563e4_c.jpg 2014-08-17 12.15.58 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Around 30 some degrees droping into what will be a puddle of water...
    14946997015_26d0b4401b_c.jpg 2014-08-17 12.17.19 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Did not want to go any further... I think i had around 30 degrees there too...
    14943893751_90f36f3e07_c.jpg 2014-08-17 12.20.12 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Hanging loose...
    14760327968_81c9683012_c.jpg 2014-08-17 14.57.58 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Some rocks added to trial section...
    14959531699_2d4949de0a_c.jpg 2014-09-04 18.44.50 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Was well time to replace the bushings!! This is how it came out when i dropped it...
    15246503516_662423d340_c.jpg 2014-09-10 18.40.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    Much better!
    15266399161_9c25935965_c.jpg 2014-09-10 19.53.38 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    And now we are up to date, that is the journey from start! Next trip will hopefully be on saturday!
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  2. hairyguy4

    hairyguy4 Well-Known Member

    Damn fine landcruiser, the 70 is defiantly my favourite cruiser, keep buying other cars and haven't been able to bring myself to sell mine
  3. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Awesome! :clap: :thumbup:
  4. Gav Peter

    Gav Peter Well-Known Member I am in england

  5. tonytoyota

    tonytoyota Well-Known Member I am in great_britain

    Good looking Cruiser keep up on the top job from Tony
  6. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!

    Had a great day out today, and with the new radius arm bushes the 'yota handles the road perfectly! Well.. Perfect is a strong word, but you get the idea ;)
    I do believe though that i get more bodyroll now, and when i tried flexing the bushes while in the vice they were pretty soft, and old ones were, well, hard... Initial test drive was almost a bit scary as i wasn't prepare dfor it =P
  7. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Where did you get the bushes from? Are they genuine? :think:

    The ones I recently fitted to my rear axle are now completely shot! :doh:

    I think its because I need a longer/adjustable panhard rod as the standard one is too short and is constantly pulling the axle over and putting strain on the radius arm bushes. :think:
  8. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    I got the bushes from a swedish site.. And they are not genuine...
  9. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Thanks. :thumbup:
  10. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member


    Just scored a set of these, brand new for 5999 SEK, which is about 500GBP, regular price is 651GBP :dance:
  11. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia


    I want beadlocks for mine! :icon-twisted:
  12. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    I've been looking at this set for quite a while now, and when i saw that he lowered the price i couldnt resist :icon-biggrin:
  13. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    I just came home after picking the rims up from the shipping company, TIS EPIC YAO :icon-twisted:

    15569763726_a216840999_c.jpg 2014-10-21 18.27.55 by Vc1r, on Flickr
  14. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

  15. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Started changing the rims out today.. With some great help from Dad we managed to get the second tyre off and onto the new rim in just under an hour, not to shabby taking in consideration we dont have any machines for the job! All manual labour!
    15717090856_4a9ef1bd3f_c.jpg 2014-11-08 16.28.35 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    A bummer though, the first rim we changed leaks in the weld between the ring and rim, I can hopefully sort it out with the place i've bought them from, but he sounded pretty adamant on taking them back, refunding me, fixing them and then resell them again... Not something i want to do...
  16. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Well. everything played out great with that rim that was leaking! Got a smaller refund from the company after some talking about it..

    It turned out to have 2 tiny holes in the weld, one of them we got airtight in 2nd try, and the second one after 4 tries and some chemical metal. i was sooo frustrated when it still leaked after the 3rd welding and we had to take the rubber off again.. Anyway, with that sorted we took off the front wheels aswell and changed them.. Under 1 hour to change both rims this time, so we improved our work all the time! Remember lads, that's wrestling 35" rubber off of rims BY HAND, no machines at all ;)

    That was yesterday, today i got the wheels fitted to the car, and gosh golly! What a beauty!
    15183506793_6671bbbbb4_c.jpg 2014-11-16 10.41.05 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    15183512743_494dcfbd43_c.jpg 2014-11-16 10.40.40 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    15802961825_3b9e60f023_c.jpg 2014-11-16 10.40.13 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    15617561698_f9bc56dfae_c.jpg 2014-11-16 10.40.02 by Vc1r, on Flickr

    I do however need now to cut the rear fenders aprox. 5cm and the front fenders 7cm to not have the tyres catch on them when articulating.. also (which i still have not done since fitting that lift kit) is to adjust the panhard rods as the axles is to far over to the drivers side.. adjustable ones would be nice, but i think i'll drop the mount on the chassis..
  17. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Great work! :thumbup:

    I bet that was some workout taking all those tyres off and on! :sleeping-sleep:

    I know how frustrating it can be when you weld something again and again and it still wont hold air. Thats where TIG is awesome! I take it you were using MIG? :think:
  18. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Yep. never welded Tig, and dont own one either.. MIG works fine for me =P I've welded up to 10mm thick steel plates with it so it works fine for the stuff i do =P
  19. Victor

    Victor Well-Known Member

    Garage weekend! Gonna drop the tranny, and change the rear oil seal on the engine, throw-out bearing, and clutch!

    Oh, and i got a nice package delivered today aswell from the states, 3 days for shipping from Salt lake city to Sweden is in my opinion pretty epic. Also, for once the predicted delivery was spot on! Awesome as fuck!
    15658517620_b9b33cf7c0_c.jpg 2014-11-21 16.24.32 by Vc1r, on Flickr
  20. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Guru I am in australia

    Is that a transfercase disc hand brake? :think:

    Any chance of the link please?

    Just been looking at their website but cant seem to find it. :thumbdown:

    I will be very interested to see how well it works, I would love one for mine if it works well. :icon-biggrin:

    The X-ENG one I brought never worked properly. :doh:
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