Need advice for large parts order to Anti-Poaching organisation in Africa

danmac Jun 11, 2018

  1. danmac

    danmac New Member

    Hey crew,

    I work within a fairly large anti-poaching outfit based primarily in Malawi, Africa. We are an anti-poaching organisation that works across border, into both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

    I am in the process of attempting (the seemingly arduous task) of arranging a large parts order for our Landcruiser vehicles used in the National Parks by our rangers and scouts. This request has been bestowed to me and the challenges will be in companies that can ship to Malawi, Africa, and a company that I can trust. The further complication is that I am trying to organise all of this from Australia, before being back in Africa in 2 weeks time (also complicated by the fact i'm usually the guy with the gun, and not the most mechanically minded.)

    I have found websites like and, but unsure if these are practical, legitimate or best options?

    The vehicle number is: HZJ79R-TJMRS

    The list of parts I am attempting to compile for a quote, including delivery to Lilongwe, Malawi, is as follows:

    1 x windscreen
    1 x Front Propellar Shaft
    1 x Rear Propellar Shaft
    16 x Shock absorbers
    16 x tie rod ends
    32 x diesel filters
    32 x oil filters
    8 x air filters
    3 x sets heater plugs
    2 x left rear light assembly
    2 x right rear light assembly
    2 x left front light assembly
    2 x right front light assembly
    2 x radiator caps
    16 x brake disk
    16 x wheel studs

    ANY advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you.
  2. Geoff Horwood

    Geoff Horwood New Member I am in south_africa

    hi ask the same question on Landcruiser Club SA a few members are mechanics running fleets of cruisers they will be able to help with info and suppliers
  3. rob rule

    rob rule Member

    Simple: if you are in a position to do so - just order from the local Toyota dealers. you would require the Vin Number.
  4. Dunehopper

    Dunehopper New Member

    I also came along Does anyone have experience with that company? Are they reliable?
  5. StarCruiser

    StarCruiser Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in uk

    I have a colleague who uses Megazip and has praised them. They are one of the few who ship glass I believe.
  6. mussy

    mussy Well-Known Member

    over the last 27 years I have moved a few windscreens to Africa as nobody wants to touch them. But 1 windscreen can cost thousands to send....They need to be crated and moved only with trusted suppliers. If I was you, I would do a massive full sole use , it only for you 20 ft container spare parts tyres etc order, so you can get the most efficient price on transport. 20 foot container can take 30 cpm

    Price thousands but if you keep buying small amounts and send separateLy it will cost 5 to 10 times as much.
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