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karl webster
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May 28, 2017 at 6:20 AM
May 20, 2010
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Oct 30, 1979 (Age: 37)
hulland ward ashbourne derbyshire
Builder/car sales/parts

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karl webster

Land Cruiser Club sponsor, 37, from hulland ward ashbourne derbyshire

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karl webster was last seen:
May 28, 2017 at 6:20 AM
    1. ram
      Hi Karl, been busy i'm retired now, i'm lincomb on saturday and wanted couple of things 1- battery bracket and also c wheel centers
      and last i need 2-3 studs that hold the water pump to the engine block as i've broken 2 of then specially the that goes through the alternator bracket through the water pump and into the engine block
      can you call me or txt me on 07950680681
    2. tonytoyota
      Hi Karl r you ok wot cost is the engine is it the 2H thanks Tony.
    3. Roger Crocker
      Roger Crocker
      Aah !!! still getting to grips with this site, just lost all I had written
      Trying to ask you possible cost of manual box flywheel pedal arrangement + any other bits needed for a swop auto to manual on my 92 4.2TD.
      Other option is a 2000 w plate 100 same engine, manual box fitted
      Will cost me around a grand to buy it
      Many thanks
    4. Shayne
      Hi Karl i wonder if you could source me a bonnet to collect when i get home ?

      Cheers Shayne
    5. hopeless wanderer
      hopeless wanderer
      Hi Karl

      Can you let me know the price for a set of Bebs ?
      It's for a 1995 24valve the hd-ft engine
      Let me know how I can pay
      PayPal bank transfer etc

    6. SamK

      I was given your name by Ian Rubie on Landcruiser Club site that I joined yesterday.
      He recommended you for used Landcruiser parts.
      I broke down on Friday after alternator went & needed breakdown to get my motor back home onto my drive.
      I'm after an alternator & possibly a new battery, depending on cost, also drivers side light lens cover for back of the truck & drivers side sun visor.
      Could you give me an idea of cost if you have any of these in stock?

      Sam K
    7. wilc
      hi karl, any chance u can let me know when im likely to received the rad fan ive ordered and paid for a while ago? its Wil from 24, xxx, Fair Oak, Hants, thanks
    8. Joanel Louis
      Joanel Louis
      Hi Karl,

      I was given your name by another chap on this site, he said to check with you about the following:

      A few years back I purchased a 93' Toyota Landcruiser Prado from Japan.

      I now need to replace the ECU (new or used). From what I was told, the old ECU is beyond repair (extensive circuit board damage).

      Here are the vehicle specifications:

      1993 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
      Model: Y-KZJ78W-PET
      Engine: 1KZ-TE 2980CC
      Frame: KZJ78 - 0009643

      The part I am searching for is as follows:

      Engine control Module: 89661 - 60250
      Type: Automatic transmission.

      I would be very grateful if anyone could help with sourcing this part for me
      looking a roung 2000 mate but for the right one maybe little more
    10. paulwaite1
      Hi Karl
      I don't seem to have private message capabilities quite yet, so I will have to ask here. I have been told by AndyCruiserGuyLomas to contact you about the possibility of you having of J40 available that I might be able to buy off you? If you want you can phone me 07989981450.
      Best regards
    11. Zeusv8
      Hi mate,
      Just a quick pm to see if you're still buying and selling ? I'm due to get a co. van and Zeus will be parked up along with the wife's car! 07872950625 James
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    Oct 30, 1979 (Age: 37)
    hulland ward ashbourne derbyshire
    Builder/car sales/parts
    Map Location:
    hulland ward ashbourne derbyshire
    Cars,motorbikes,drinking,anything really



    (Black) 24v 1998 man amazon 80 (finally)
    Green lane auto 12v 80
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