120 is the 201 bhp model a better motor.

David Ketley Mar 13, 2019

  1. David Ketley

    David Ketley New Member I am in great_britain

    170103M - Land Cruiser full release


    Land Cruiser’s proven permanent four-wheel drive system uses a Torsen limited slip differential in the centre differential. The LSD uses low viscosity oil to reduce friction and support vehicle fuel efficiency. The unit has a motorised transfer shift actuator for easier High-Low gear ratio shifting and the shift effort itself has been reduced by 30 per cent, giving better performance in cold weather. In normal conditions, torque is split 40:60 front to rear, but the LSD can automatically vary the ratio from 50:50 to approximately 30:70 in order to achieve the optimum distribution in any given driving scenario. The four-wheel drive system also has a new rear differential, designed for greater reliability and strength with a 34 per cent increase in torque capacity. An additional rear diff lock is fitted to Invincible models, increasing stability especially in extreme off-road conditions.
  2. TONYCY11

    TONYCY11 Well-Known Member I am in cyprus

    Mine is a late 2009 Invincible and has centre diff lock but not rear diff lock , only the LC3 has rear diff lock , the 120 LC4-LC5 and invincible modles have ATC instead of rear Diff lock , that is the UK spec cars for the 120 series . All UK spec 120s have Torsen LSD centre diff . I dont know if you have read about another Landcruiser model like the 150 or 200 series .
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  3. AndycruiserguyLomas

    AndycruiserguyLomas Well-Known Member I am in england

    TBH this is exactly my understanding of the specifications of the UK models, this correlates to my research at the time I was hunting for my 120. Only the LC3's had a diff lock ( unless the LC2's had one??).
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