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    Replacement of standard battery set-up (100 Series)

    Has anyone tried these ? (also recommended) Thanks, Tony
  2. TonyB

    20l Jerry cans

    Cheers guys, useful links Charlie. Chas, I'm near Milton Keynes (Herts, Beds, Bucks, Northants all nearby). No plans to be your way just yet, so for the moment will look online. Thanks for the offer.
  3. TonyB

    20l Jerry cans

    I'm looking for 2x 20L Jerry cans for diesel ... I hear army surplus are better (thicker ?). Is anyone looking to sell ? Or recommendations ? Also looking at carrying 40L of water ... any recommendations. Many thanks, Tony
  4. TonyB

    Amazon 100 roof lining (at the rear) … is the GX different to the VX

    I've been sold a Black Widow cargo barrier by BOAB for my Amazon VX. I can't get it to fit and it seems the roof lining is too low where the barrier meets the roof. Where the barrier should meet, the roof lining lowers a few inches for about 6 inches or so in length, given it has rear vents &...
  5. TonyB

    Suspension change

    So did you get Pedders, IM or something else :think:
  6. TonyB

    Locking wheel nuts

    Karl - what have you got for a 100?
  7. TonyB

    So, Crispin. We having a calendar again this year?

    Taken in France just over a week ago ...
  8. TonyB

    Advice on locking wheel nuts please

    Also looking, but for a 100 … saw some similar on Roughtrax, but a tenner more.
  9. TonyB

    Hi - I saw a photo of your tailgate & drawer system on the Hedgehog build. What drawers are you...

    Hi - I saw a photo of your tailgate & drawer system on the Hedgehog build. What drawers are you using and are they good & robust. Like the idea of the fridge next to them. Cheers, Tony
  10. TonyB

    Project 80: Codename Grey Ghost

    Great article Chris … especially as I had a good look at your setup & mods at the Overland Show :icon-wink:
  11. TonyB

    Overland Expedition Show

    I went last year … some great speakers and lots of ideas to inspire your travel plans. Train was definitely the easy option.
  12. TonyB

    Roof bars / Roof rack mounting points on 100 (2003)

    Thanks Steve. After putting up the post I decided to simply takeoff the roof bar trim and found the extra bolt holes I was looking for … which thankfully aligned. Also found another individual bolt hole further back that may prove useful one day.
  13. TonyB

    Roof bars / Roof rack mounting points on 100 (2003)

    Has anyone else found that the roof bar mounts in the roof gutter on a 100 (2003) have a shorter gap between the two bolt holes on the front when compared to middle and back mounts? Currently fitting Rhino bars, and the front foot that bolts to the roof does not fit (unless I only bolt through...
  14. TonyB


    Brilliant work guys … thanks for sorting out the 100. Great to find some so good and local :icon-biggrin:
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